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The reason that we have never received the real thing is we have not displayed any tendency at any time to do the same thing for ourselves as human beings to protect our humanity and project our humanity which other human beings would do to protect and project theirs, and I’ll clarify what I mean. There is not a white person in America that would sit idly by and let someone do to him what we have been sitting around here letting others do to us, and that white person remain passive, peaceful, and nonviolent. The day the black man in this country shows other human beings that we are just as human as they in our reaction to injustice, and we are willing to die just as quickly to protect our lives and our property as you have shown quickness to die to protect your life and your property, only then and only then will our people be recognized and respected as human beings. Because it is inhuman, absolutely subhuman, for a man to let a dog bite him and he not fight back. Or let someone club him and he not fight back, or let someone put water hoses on his women, his mother and his daughter and his babies and he not fight back, he’s subhuman. The day he becomes a human being he will react as other human beings reacted, and nobody in humanity will hold it against him.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1252814726/malcolm-x-collected-speeches-debates-and-interview


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The Dragon God by Letter-Q

A Lesson of Fireballs by Geluckfan

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